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Policy for the Administration of Medicine at School



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Dear Parent/Guardian:


According to regulations set by the State of New Jersey, it is required that you provide a written prescription from your child's physician for any and all medication that is to be administered during school hours. This also includes all over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol.


Please understand that no exceptions will be made, as this is a mandate from the State of New Jersey and not just a district policy.


If you feel that your child may need any medications during school hours, the following procedures must be followed:


1.    A written order is to be provided to the school from the child's health care provider. A new physician's order is required at the beginning of each school year. Faxed medication orders can be accepted as temporary orders only and must be followed up with the original order. This order must include:


a.    Name of the medication


b.    Dose and time medication is to be given


c.    Reason for the medication


d.    Specific instructions for class trips and half days


2.    The parent/guardian must provide a written request for the administration of medication in school. (See Medication Authorization form)


3.    All Medications must be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER and properly labeled for the student.


4.    Students ARE NOT ALLOWED to carry medications on the bus or into school.


Medication Authorization forms can be obtained from the school nurse's office or from the Southampton Township Schools webpage.

Administration of asthma medications, epinephrine, and self-administration of medication for asthma or other potentially life-threatening illnesses require additional documentation. Please contact your school nurse for these forms.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your school nurse.