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School #1 Arrival/Dismissal Information


The buses arrive between 8:20 and 8:25 A.M. The students will disembark the buses and go to the classrooms.  The teachers will be in the hallways to direct students to their classrooms.

There should be no students on the playground prior to 8:20 A.M.  If you are driving/walking your child, please remain with your child until this time.  You may park in the lot adjacent to the playground on Miss Mable Drive and walk or drive your child to the "Drop Off Area" at 8:20 A.M. 

Late Arrivals

In the event that you arrive after 8:27 A.M. with your child, please escort him or her to the School #1 Office to be signed in.  Please note that your child will be marked as tardy if he arrives after 8:27 A.M. All tardy students must be signed in by a parent/guardian.



Bus Students

The students will exit the rear of the building (second grade wing) at 3:15 P.M. and load onto the buses.  If you need to pick up your child, please send a note to school with your child in the morning or in the event of an emergency contact the school no later than 2:00 P.M. at (859-2256 ext. 130).

Note:  Children are not permitted to ride on any bus other than their assigned bus.  

Parent Pickup

Children should be picked up at 3:15 P.M. in the School #1 vestibule by the Main Office.  Parents are required to sign their child out before departure.

If your child is going to be picked up by another child's parent (for a play date, CCD, sports, etc.) the main office must receive a note from both parties indicating the arrangement; this ensures the office that both parents have agreed to the arrangement. Pickup will proceed as noted above.


Students who walk to and from school will be dismissed from the back of the building at 3:15 P.M. Parents or older siblings may meet them on the sidewalk beneath the canopy near the handicap entrance/exit. The staff member monitoring the student dismissal must make visual contact with the person picking up the child.  This is a School #1 requirement.