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Southampton Cheerleading 


Welcome to Southampton Township Cheerleading!



Try Outs

  • Try outs will be conducted the first week of November from 3:25pm-5:00pm
  • Each girl is required to learn a cheer and a dance during try outs.
  • On the last day of try outs the girls will perform the cheer, dance, jumps and anything extra that they can perform (tumbling/gymnastics)
  • The girls that have made the team will be posted on this site later that night according to their try out number


  • Practice normally will be Monday- Friday 3:30-5:00pm
  • We will have some late practices that will run from 5-6:30pm, a calendar will be given to the students that make the team indicating which days this will be
  • The students are expected to be at every practice unless they have an excused absence from school. We will be performing stunts that require every student to be present to practice, if they are not at practice we can not practice the stunts



  • We will be performing at both the Girls and Boys basketball games for all home games and some away games
  • The students are expected to attend all games unless they have an excused absence from school
  • The games can run late so the students might not be done until 6-6:30pm at the latest
  • The schedule will be posted for the Basketball Games
*Tumbling Class*
  • Any student that is interested in Cheerleading is strongly encouraged to attend Tumbling classes. 
  • There are multiple classes offered at Diamond Athletic in Southampton.


  • We will be competing at 1-2 competitions at the end of the season.
  • We will keep you updated!


Thank you in advance for all of your help and support!

Mrs. Gusrang

Mrs. Hess