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Children in Mrs. Brockson's and Mrs. Simpson's 2nd grade class may receive different homework assignments that are differentiated for each learner.  Some students may have homework that is due the next day while some students may receive extra time to complete their homework.   In the same way, some children may be provided with more reading homework and or math homework when compared to other children.  Please note, homework is sent home to help strengthen skills and reinforce concepts taught at school.   



*All children should be reviewing their 2nd grade sight words to help build fluency and stamina in their reading and writing

*Students are to read 15 minutes each night a book of their choice unless a book is sent home from school.  If a book is sent home from school to be read at home, the child may have had exposure to it in a Guided Reading group, or may not have read it before.  Please sit and read with your child each night.